Regread Vbscript Error

Cannot find Script file C:Windowsrun.vbs" error in Windows 10 [Fix] [Step by Step Guide]

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The function returns an array with the following elements: ' ReadRegValue(0) the computer name (the first argument) ' ReadRegValue(1) the hive number (see const declarations) ' ReadRegValue(2) the key path without the hive ' ReadRegValue(3) the value name (the third argument) ' ReadRegValue(4) the error number:.

Returns the value of a key or value-name from the registry. If the key does not exist, RegRead throws an error "Unable to open registry key", or, for subkeys.

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VBScript to check for registry key doesn't work when. on error resume next entry = objShell.regRead. Expected Loop error on VBScript for adding users.

VBS Logon script not working through group policy (Server 2012. – Jan 11, 2016. set wshShell= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") strKey = "HKCUSoftware MicrosoftOffice12.0OutlookOptio nsMail" on error resume next present = WshShell.RegRead(strKey) if err.number<>0 then if right(strKey,1)="" then 'strKey is a registry key if instr(1,err.description,ssig,1)<>0 then bExists=true

Aug 10, 2011. Modify the Windows Vista Registry with VBScript Before we create a VBScript to modify the Vista registry, it is wise to at least consider the alternatives. For example, would a group policy be a better way of achieving our goal? Is it possible to achieve.

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VBS RegRead doesn't return value. path does not exist you receive that error as. Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\" >>> WScript.Echo sh.RegRead.

VBScript Error Messages – Error Code, Message. 5, Invalid procedure call or argument. 6, Overflow. 7, Out of memory. 9, Subscript out of range. 10, Array fixed or temporarily locked. 11, Division by zero. 13, Type mismatch. 14, Out of string space. 28, Out of stack space. 35, Sub or Function not defined. 48, Error in loading DLL. 51, Internal error.

From a learning point of view, this extra code provides examples of.RegWrite and.RegRead. From a strategic point of view this script introduces primitive error correcting code. In particular the ‘If’ section, together with On Error Resume.

VBScript and RegRead error – VBScript – Tek-Tips – This may have been asked and answered before, but a search didn't help. On an asp page I want to read from the registry, but, with the following code: [code]

2010年10月27日. エラーが出ても無視On Error Resume Next ' この時点で、Err オブジェクトはリセット されているregVal = WshShell.RegRead(regStr) ' エラーあったら、Err オブジェクトに 値が設定されている。 ' Err.Number のデフォルトは 0 で、0 以外の値が入っていれば エラーが発生したと判断できる。 If Err.Number <> 0 Then WScript.

Apr 29, 2008. Programming the WshShell Object. WshShell is a generic name for a powerful object that enables you to query and interact with various aspects of the Windows shell. You can display information to the user, run applications, create shortcuts, work with the Registry, and control Windows' environment.

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